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ZorroSign Launches New WhatsApp Integration

Track Digital Signatures and Document Workflows with the World’s Most Popular Messaging Service

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, April 24, 2024 / EIN Presswire / — ZorroSign, Inc., a global leader in data security solutions built on blockchain, today announced the integration of their data security platform with Meta’s WhatsApp instant messaging (IM) and voice-over-IP (VoIP) service.

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging application with more than two billion users in over 180 countries. With this new service, ZorroSign users can easily link to a WhatsApp account and receive immediate WhatsApp notifications on all Z-Sign® envelope actions.

“We are thrilled to announce the integration with WhatsApp, marking another milestone in our ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction,” said Shamsh Hadi, CEO and co-founder of ZorroSign. “Pairing the advanced data security of ZorroSign with the fast, reliable communications of WhatsApp ensures our users that their digital documents, digital transactions, and digital privacy will always be protected.”

WhatsApp provides private messaging and calling—available on mobile phones all over the world—with end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp includes automatic spam detection, proactive security alerts, and encrypted backups.

ZorroSign’s data security platform was built on private, permissioned Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology and now includes options for public, permissionless Provenance Blockchain. The innovative platform unites digital signatures, identity-as-a-service (IDaaS), contract lifecycle management (CLM), privacy compliance, patented fraud prevention, user authentication, and document validation to efficiently address the challenges of electronic document privacy and security.

“This integration elevates our user experience to unprecedented levels,” added Hadi. “It is a game-changing feature that revolutionizes how ZorroSign users can manage their documents and monitor their workflows.”

ZorroSign customers span the globe and no other digital signature solution delivers such critical features in one software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform with consumption-based pricing.

To learn more about ZorroSign’s unrivaled user experience and start a free trial on the data security platform built on blockchain, visit zorrosign.com/new


About ZorroSign

ZorroSign, Inc. uses blockchain for superior data privacy and security. Governments, businesses, organizations and individuals around the world trust ZorroSign to safeguard their digital documents and to provide an immutable chain of custody for their digital transactions. The company’s data security platform integrates multiple blockchains (Hyperledger Fabric and Provenance Blockchain), digital signatures, automated compliance, AI/ML form completion, document storage, patented fraud detection, user authentication and document verification, identity-as-a-service (IDaaS), and so much more. When the risk is personal and everything is on the line, Block It Down®.