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Consumption-Based SaaS Pricing: ZorroSign Leads New Pricing Trend So Customers Only Pay for What They Use

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    Shamsh Hadi

ZorroSign is proud to launch consumption-based pricing for our software subscriptions! 

As software-as-a-service (SaaS) evolves and specializes, we are seeing the unsophisticated per-seat pricing model wane as users demand more control over their usage and corresponding costs. SaaS-providers who meet that need are better aligned with their customers and can deliver both stronger performance and instill greater loyalty by only charging for those services and resources their customers use.

“A consumption-based pricing model is a service provision and payment scheme in which the customer pays according to the resources used,” notes a recent TechTarget article. “This model is essentially the same as the utility computing payment structure and those of other utilities, such as water and electricity.”

Consumption-based pricing for SaaS solutions means escaping from rigid per user/per month pricing schemes and offering customers a more tailored experience with their software subscriptions.

“Your customers shouldn’t feel forced to pay month-to-month for services they’re not actually using on a regular basis,” notes Brent Barnhart in a usage-based pricing article. “Usage-based pricing is often presented as a sort of win-win for customers and companies alike. That is, your users enjoy some much-needed flexibility in terms of their budgets while also holding themselves accountable for how much they end up using your product.”

With ZorroSign, for example, Individual subscriptions can be priced by set numbers of documents or unlimited document sets, while Business subscriptions are custom priced by number of needed users, signers, and document sets. And our Enterprise subscriptions are priced granularly by users and documents used so users are not paying for unused licenses or consumption.

Other digital signature platforms still cling to per user/per month pricing which leaves many of their customers unsatisfied with paying higher subscription fees than they actually need. ZorroSign is offering an alterative approach that brings clear benefits to customer finances and scalability.

Zuora, leading subscription economy evangelist, summarizes the immediate benefits of consumption-based pricing as:

  • “Customer satisfaction. When customers can self-serve, they’re more likely to feel they’re receiving value for the price.
  • “Go-to-market agility. Flexible combinations of recurrent and consumption pricing allow companies to experiment, testing in-market and readjusting quickly.
  • “Reduced revenue leakage. Efficient pricing models mean there’s less money left on the table as you optimize product usage—and revenue generated—from each customer.”

“We not only want to deliver the highest technology standards for privacy, security, and compliance,” says Shamsh Hadi, CEO and co-founder of ZorroSign. “We also want to deliver unmatched value to our customers—and that starts with a pricing model aligned to their needs for digital signatures, IDaaS, and digital document workflows.”

To see our new pricing and calculate how much an individual or business subscription might cost your organization, visit www.zorrosign.com/pricing/ or contact us today.