The Industry Standard for Digital Transaction Management Solution


Documents in word, excel, pdf, dwf, jpeg & more


Adhere to compliance & business rules without deviation


Drag & drop workflow, tracks progress & eliminates bottlenecks


Assign permissions & ensure
documents have not been tampered, revised, revoked or cancelled

About ZorroSign

Today’s Businesses are under tremendous pressure to reduce costs and increase productivity. ZorroSign Digital Transaction Management (DTM) Solution is an enabler that digitizes and streamlines document intensive processes to improve performance and secure these valuable electronically signed assets.

The impact of ZorroSign DTM are far-reaching:

  • Business procedures are quicker, easier with better process control
  • Increase in accuracy and decrease in time consuming errors
  • Compliance with rules, regulations and policies
  • Reduced operating cost and consumption of supplies
  • Reduced storage space of paper based documents
  • Increase customer satisfaction with simplified processes
  • Uphold corporate social responsibilities

For every business trust is important.

But for us TRUST is everything!


ZorroSign E-sign Feature

E-Sign word. Excel, pdf, dwf, jpg & more

ZorroSign Drag & drop Workflows Feature

Drag & drop Workflows supports internal & external users; complex iterations like document specific or generic workflows

ZorroSign Lock & Seal 4n6 Token Feature

Lock & Seal 4n6 Token ensures true person signing eliminates fraud and forgery & secures documents against tampering, editing, replacing & revoking

ZorroSign Mobile friendly Feature

Mobile friendly boosts efficiency and accessible anytime anywhere

ZorroSign API Feature

API offers flexibility and interfaces with current IT infrastructure

ZorroSign DMS Feature

DMS, to store manage, search digitally signed documents

ZorroSign Private Hybrid or Public Cloud Feature

On Premise, Private Cloud, Hybrid or Public Cloud

ZorroSign ESIGN Act UETA & HIPAA Feature

Compliant with ESIGN Act, UETA & HIPAA

Enjoy all the Features whether you have an individual or a business account.

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