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Check out these blog posts about what’s happening industry wide, and how ZorroSign can help.

Advancing Technology While Advancing Sustainability

In an earlier article, I briefly introduced sustainability in advancing technology—specifically urging innovators to be aware of the impact of their new technologies on the environment and human sustainability. In advance of Earth Day 2022, I reiterate that while it is easy to laud the potential of new technologies, we must also be wary of […]

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ZorroSign Delivers the Elevated Privacy and Security that IT Companies and Departments Seek via Blockchain, Patented Fraud Prevention, and Cloud Deployment Options

It is no secret that cybercrime has skyrocketed within the last few years, in fact, cybercrime in the U.S. jumped by 55%. This increased risk drives a greater need for privacy and security, especially within IT companies and departments responsible for digital data and cybersecurity. ZorroSign can help your IT company or department combat the […]

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Prevent Fraud in Your Digital Transactions with Z-Verify

In a digital environment, transactions take place between people and organizations who may not know each other, and likely cannot verify each other’s identities using traditional, physical means. Yet as the world moves more and more to digital transactions—exchanging real-world assets such as automobiles, financial instruments, goods and services, even real estate, to exchanging digital […]

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Four Easy Ways to Practice Sustainability

March 21, 2022, marked the 10th anniversary of International Day of Forests. This day calls attention to the importance of practicing sustainability in both your business and your personal life. Often people have a desire to live a more sustainable life, but do not know where to start . . .   Here are four […]

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Z-Forensics for Fraud Detection

The Move to Digital Since the invention of microchips and semiconductor transistors in the 1950’s, the world has moved steadily to more and more digital information. Computers for government, then computers for business, then home computers brought vast amounts of data into digital formats, and with the birth of the World Wide Web digital information […]

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