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4n6 Token - Added Value to Digital Certificate

ZorroSign 4n6 Online Document Verification Service

Blockchain - 4n6 Token

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ZorroSign 4n6 Token

ZorroSign 4n6 Token

4n6 (Forensics) Token will change the way documents are verified, we call it our “MVP – Most Valuable Product” in our DTM suite. ZorroSign 4n6 Token is the multipurpose bridge which can comprehensively validate both electronic and paper documents. 4n6 Token can help verify that a document has not been tampered, revised, revoked, replaced or cancelled. When challenged or investigated it can be used as evidence without repudiation in a court of law.


ZorroSign 4n6 Token Reader

ZorroSign 4n6 Reader mobile app is especially designed and developed to read 4n6 Tokens only. 4n6 Token can only be read by authorized permitted users. An unauthorized user are denied access. Permissions are assigned by the owner of the document set. Based on the user’s permission, he can view and or validate documents, permission can be assigned to either or both the main document or its attachments.


  • Documents signed with ZorroSign are valid, authentic, legally binding, and never expire.
  • Document access permissions can be assigned in case of urgency to lawyers, paramedics, or other emergency responders.
  • Flags if the document has been revised, amended, revoked or cancelled & highlights the latest version.
  • View audit trail including attachments, signatories and time stamp.
  • No more missing, misplaced or lost documents.
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  • 4n6 Token can contain any file types, audio file, video file and gps.
  • Token contains encrypted detailed transaction information.
  • Document owner can assign permissions such as view, validate and no access to the main document and its attachments.
  • 4n6 Token does not expire and it cannot be altered, pasted or forged onto another document.
  • Give secure access to only authorized users via 4n6 (forensics) token reader mobile app.

4n6 Token – Added value to Digital Certificate




Validates digital documents only Authenticates both digital and paper documents
Cannot validate documents with competitors digital certificate Can validate documents with any digital certificate
Digital certificates must be used up before it expires 4n6 Token never expires

How it Works

Zorrosign 4n6 forensics token