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Small Business Solutions to Help When You Need It Most

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    Shamsh Hadi

In the current COVID-19 climate small businesses are facing many new challenges. Even as some businesses slowly begin to ramp up operations, many small businesses have been forced to close their doors or abruptly navigate a remote workforce. All companies have had to adjust to the restrictions placed by the global pandemic, which has sent them in search of new tools and resources to keep their businesses functioning with limited face-to-face contact yet still executing their product offerings or services.


How ZorroSign Helps Small Businesses

To help small businesses when they need it most, ZorroSign is offering its digital signature solution free for three-months. This free license is available to all small businesses who need to execute documents.


ZorroSign electronic and digital signature solution free three-month trial delivers unlimited document sets to eSign, all while enabling users to validate and authenticate eSigned documents with ZorroSign’s patent-pending 4n6 (forensics) blockchain token tamper seal technology.


Small businesses and larger businesses share process requirements, security, and privacy concerns and ZorroSign helps all businesses meet these security and privacy concerns when executing documents.


Highlights of the ZorroSign platform for small businesses include:

  1. Real (patented) Electronic Signature technology vs just an image of signature super-imposed on a document which only captures the “intent to sign.” With ZorroSign, users actually sign the document electronically.
  2. Digital Security Certificates that never expire, therefore documents signed never expire.
  3. Using blockchain tokenization technology, tamper-seal your documents, chain of custody and audit trail to authenticate and verify documents.
  4. Workflow automation, templates, approvals, Bulk-send, document management system, and intelligent forms. ZorroSign helps to decrease cycle time when executing business critical documents.
  5. Free trial offer and quick start guide can have your business up and running on ZorroSign today.
  6. Sign anywhere, any time and on any device.

Why is ZorroSign Helping Small Businesses?

The COVID-19 crisis has everyone uncertain of what the future holds. Consumer confidence is very important to help build trust that businesses will continue operations. ZorroSign can be a vital component of the stabilization and resiliency of businesses, and provide customers state-of-the-art electronic signature, digital signature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) services—services that can increase efficiency and productivity for small businesses.


What Small Businesses Use ZorroSign

ZorroSign solutions can help small business from many industries including Accounting, Early Childhood Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance, Real Estate, Home Inspection, Marketing, Photography, Event Management, Floral, Restaurants, Consultants, and Legal Services.


ZorroSign can be used for many different transaction types: benefits administration programs and processes, architecture and engineering document processing, logistics and procurement processes, facilities management forms, agent, broker, and customer agreements, closing of real estate purchase and loans, property inspection and appraisal processes, rental and lease agreements, tuition payment agreements, invoices, rental car agreements, etc.


If you have been impacted by COVID-19, let us help. Whether you have requested assistance from the Small Business Administration via the Paycheck Protection Program, COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan program or are navigating everything on your own, ZorroSign is here to help. Sign up today for your free three-month trial: www.zorrosign.com/covid19promotion/. Free trial is subject to terms and conditions and users must register no later than Tuesday, June 30, 2020 to receive three-months of free service.