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ZorroSign Platform Can Be Deployed in Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud or On-Premise to Meet Any Data Security Requirements

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    Michael Jones

ZorroSign’s digital signature and document management platform not only brings the privacy and security of a private, permissioned blockchain technology, but our software-as-a-service (SaaS) model can be deployed in various configurations to meet your organization’s data security requirements.


Public Cloud SaaS


Our standard deployment is on Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud computing network.  This configuration benefits from AWS data centers and a network architected to protect your information, identities, applications, and devices.Built with the highest standards for privacy and data security, AWS is designed to help ZorroSign deliver secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for our applications.



Two big advantages of ZorroSign’s public SaaS configuration are our simple pricing model and the ability for new customers to quickly sign-up, login, and start uploading and sending documents for signatures.  Pairing superior security with user-friendly operations, ZorroSign’s public cloud configuration is our most popular deployment.


Private Cloud SaaS


In ZorroSign’s private cloud configuration, all your data and the ZorroSign application run in a private and secure cloud network dedicated to your organization.  This fully managed service is ideal for financial services institutions or any organization requiring that your data resides only in servers where you have full control.



The benefits of private cloud deployments include unlimited API usage, complete control over privacy and security measures, a system configuration much easier to manage and maintain than on-premise deployments, plus the ability to implement custom ZorroSign features and functionality.  Private cloud deployments require that customers have IT and security staff trained to manage cloud networks, but ZorroSign works closely with such customers to ensure successful and secure configurations.


Hybrid (Public/Private) Cloud SaaS


Sitting between fully-public and fully-private cloud deployments is the option for a hybrid cloud configuration.  Here, storing your data on our private, permissioned blockchain can occur on either ZorroSign data centers or in the private cloud, while the ZorroSign platform and applications run on their standard public cloud configurations.  We collaborate with your organization to configure the right mix of public self-service, scalability, and elasticity with private control and customization available with dedicated hardware.



Like a private cloud, hybrid cloud benefits include unlimited API usage and a system configuration much easier to manage and maintain than on-premise deployments.  Hybrid cloud deployments can be a strong option for financial services institutions, and ideal for healthcare organizations, law firms, legal departments, real estate firms, and other industries where data security is highly regulated.


On-Premise Configurations


Finally, for those customers who require both the ZorroSign platformand their data reside behind their own firewall or demilitarized zone (DMZ)—where a physical or logical sub network contains and exposes your organization’s external-facing services such as ZorroSign digital signatures, workflow management, and identity-as-a-service applications—we support on-premise deployments.



On-premise deployments require your organization to manage and maintain your own data centers, but gain the benefits of unlimited API calls and total control over identity access management (IAM), data privacy and security, and data integrity processes.  On-premise deployments of the ZorroSign blockchain platform can be ideal for government agencies and departments, critical infrastructure organizations, large financial institutions, and other organizations that prefer to fully manage their own IT infrastructure.


Whichever configuration your organization requires, ZorroSign has the staff, the architecture, and the deployment experience to ensure your data privacy and security needs are met.  To learn more about ZorroSign’s cloud configurations for various SaaS deployments, and how we deliver greater privacy and security for digital signatures and documents, contact us today!