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Quickly Integrate Digital Signatures into Your Enterprise Software

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    Shamsh Hadi

Add blockchain security for documents & workflows.


ZorroSign’s API services let you digitally sign documents, request signatures, automate your forms and data, and much more—all from your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.


Development teams can readily integrate our digital signature REST APIs into any app, website, mobile app, or embedded system that can make HTTPS requests. With ZorroSign API, your organization can quickly extend and enhance your document signing processes and easily implement document security and authentication capability.


ZorroSign exposes our secure digital signature functionalities via four key APIs: User Service, Workflow Service, Subscription Service, and Token Service. We also provide notification services to handle all the alert service routines.


These APIs allow you to quickly integrate with the ZorroSign digital business platform (DBP) to

  • Communicate subscription data
  • Create and retrieve workflow documents
  • Create custom workflows—including document processing, self-signing, labeling, etc.
  • Leverage a workflow dashboard
  • Generate and read 4n6 (“forensics”) tokens
  • Download blockchain based certificate and audit trail


Why ZorroSign?


ZorroSign provides the ultimate security in digital signatures. Our platform was built on Hyperledger Fabric—the world’s most trusted blockchain—ensuring that all aspects of all transactions are captured on a private permissions-based blockchain with an immutable, non-reputable record.


As governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals move to paperless environments, the promise of distributed ledger technologies offers an appealing new approach to digital connections and security. “We are proud to deliver a mature blockchain solution for digital signatures that is cost-effective and more secure than any encrypted e-signature technology that relies upon public-key infrastructure for security credentials,” says ZorroSign co-founder and CEO, Shamsh Hadi. “ZorroSign’s platform efficiently leverages blockchain to protect online identities and documents such as business agreements, government files, healthcare records, and other legal evidence stored in digital formats.”


Digital signatures can speed a return on investment (ROI) by accelerating agreements, contracts, and transactions and facilitating the secure exchange of digital documents. A digital business platform (DBP) that readily complies with international privacy and security standards and regulations is critical in today’s zero-trust world across companies, organizations, partners and borders.


Low Pricing for Integration


ZorroSign’s API pricing falls into four tiers, determined by how many document sets your organization might use per year. For example, a Bronze license supports up to 500 document sets per year, while Gold and Platinum licenses support many more and our Diamond API license can be customized to the scale you require. All ZorroSign API packages include unlimited templates and workflows, unlimited fields, mobile, authentication, embedded signing & sending, personalized branding, real-time reporting, bulk send, and intelligent forms. Visit our Pricing page for details.


Learn More


We offer multiple paths to learning more about integrating ZorroSign’s platform:

  1. Review our API documentation where we provide guidance and code samples for user services including multifactor authentication (MFA), user management, and passwordless login, plus subscription services, workflow services, token services, notifications, and more!
  2. Request a copy of our API QuickStart Guide — a short developer manual showing you how you can integrate our REST APIs, which are more secure with light data payloads into any app, website, or embedded system using HTTPS requests.

Or contact us today to discuss how you can quickly bring ZorroSign’s secure blockchain-based digital signatures and 4n6 token into your enterprise software!