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Electronic Signature for Freelancers & Independent Contractors

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A freelancer or independent contractor is generally a self-employed individual that performs work on a per project basis for the clients that hire them. Because of their self-employed status, most freelancers and independent contractors do not have the legal protections that a typical corporate employee would have. Freelancers and independent contractors often work in a comparatively high-paced environment, sometimes managing multiple contracts at once with people they do not know well. As a result, work contracts are very important, and electronic signature solutions, like ZorroSign, provide a solution to securely, effectively and legally create and execute freelancers and independent contractors client contracts that are fully enforceable in a court of law. This legal validity provides the peace of mind that freelancers and independent contractors can work in comfort, with the assurance that they will get paid.

The Importance of Contracts

Freelancers and independent contractors are at risk of non-payment due to a range of issues such as client disputes, and scope creep (where client repeatedly adds more work to the agreed scope). Without a proper contract, freelancers and independent contractors have no proof that they are entitled to payment by the client. To avoid problems of this nature, freelancers and independent contractors should always enter into legally binding contracts with their clients. The contract should clearly define the scope of work, the terms of payment, milestones and deadlines. With details specified in a contract, there is clarity on both sides about scope, deliverables and terms. It would be cumbersome to handle contracts in physical form, ZorroSign electronic signature solution allows freelancers and independent contractors the opportunity to execute work contracts anywhere, on any device, and at any time.

What is an Electronic Signature?

Electronic Signatures are a digital representation of the traditional wet signature that people use to sign documents. With electronic signatures, there is no need to print a document. Instead, you can electronically send the document for signature, and once all parties have signed the document, a fully executed version will be available to all parties, inclusive of an audit trail. The electronic signature itself can be a signature created using an electronic signature pad, text or even a verbal signature in line with global laws on electronic signature.

Advantages of Electronic Signatures

  1. Prevent risk of loss or damage – With electronic signatures, physical filing of documents becomes unnecessary, preventing potential loss or damage of paper documents during traditional storage processes.
  2. Saves money & time – eSigned documents allow secure, fast, efficient processing of documents and contracts. They also allow cost reduction in printing, scanning, filling and courier services that would be incurred with traditional wet ink processes.
  3. Doesn’t require physical storage – Physically signed documents are often stored as an archive copy in storage cabinets, using valuable office space. Electronic Signatures reduce or eliminate storage costs while staying compliant with all industry or company document retention policies.
  4. Improves security of documents – Printed documents are vulnerable to copying, theft or robbery, whereas digitally signed documents are encrypted and safely stored inside password protected accounts that are accessible 24/7/365.
  5. Quicker turnaround times – With Electronic Signatures and Workflow Automation, available using ZorroSign, freelancers and independent contractors can focus on their work and automate the documentation processes. Documents can be signed and sent back instantly, which employers will appreciate and may even provide a competitive advantage, as clients may prefer to work with freelancers and independent contractors with such quick response times.
  6. Enhance customer relationship – Accurate and fast turnaround times often lead to enhanced positive relationships with the customers (employers).

Types of documents that can be Electronically Signed

For freelancers and independent contractors, while working with clients, there are many document types that can be executed electronically, such as:

  • Contracts
  • MOU – Memorandum of Understanding with clients
  • MNDA – Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement with clients
  • SOW – Statement of Work
  • Proposals / Bids / Quotes
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Invoices / Purchase Orders / Receipt
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Royalty Agreements
  • Tax Forms

ZorroSign for Freelancers & Independent Contractors

ZorroSign, pioneer of Electronic Signatures, offers its solution for freelancers and independent contractors. With the free for life ZorroSign account, freelancers and independent contractors can send up to 3 documents per month for signature. For more documents, ZorroSign provides options to sign up for a monthly subscription at nominal rates. With Workflow Automation and several other integrations, ZorroSign provides an attractive solution for freelancers and independent contractors looking to protect themselves with electronic signatures.

With ZorroSign’s Electronic Signatures, get work done faster, get paid faster, keep your clients happy, all while keeping administrative costs minimal. Signup for ZorroSign, today.