Mobile biometrics is the future of securing digital documents of business transactions. Use mobile biometrics to ZorroSign your documents
quickly and securely. You can use mobile browser on Apple iOS and Samsung devices anywhere and anytime.


  • Do not need to remember complex passwords.
  • Make passwords even more difficult to guess.
  • Be confident that your electronic signature and digital documents are safe and secure with double protection.
  • Save time when collecting signatures and signing documents.
  • Be mobile, sign documents on the go.


  • Secure your documents using Iris scan, Fingerprint, or Face recognition technology.
  • Your biometric template is encrypted and secured.
  • Login to ZorroSign, request signatures and sign documents.
  • Approve and Reject documents using your biometrics.
  • Simply authenticate and validate documents through biometrics.

Simply use your browser on your Apple iOS & Samsung mobile device.