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Banks, credit unions, investment groups, lenders, and other financial service providers use ZorroSign’s digital platform to lower operating costs while protecting privacy and data security. Only ZorroSign pairs digital signatures with blockchain technology—delivering 21st century security to the age-old ceremony of signing agreements.


Anyone managing technology for a financial services provider feels the stress of managing data, networks, and endpoint devices in a world where cyber attacks, regulatory compliance, and customer needs are changing quickly. 

To ensure their financial organizations are secure, compliant, and delivering easy to use customer-facing solutions, IT departments need the latest technologies but also proven solutions. ZorroSign is proud to protect financial services data—for customers, for regulators, and for the institutions themselves.


Whether you’re a financial advisor or lender, a bank, credit union, or other services provider, you need fully compliant, automated, blockchain-level security and digital transactions you can trust. ZorroSign delivers:

  • Unbeatable user authentication, validation and privacy, with superior data and document security
  • A secure, paperless digital signature solution that’s easy to use, so you can “sign it and forget it”
  • Workflow automation that saves times and eliminates paper—streamlining approvals, signatures, and workflows
  • Error-free forms filled out and processed faster via artificial intelligence and machine learning

Financial institutions need privacy and security, but also need to know their technology solutions meet regulatory compliance.  ZorroSign’s platform is compliant with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, UETA, the ESIGN Act, GDPR, plus ISAE 3402 Type II certified, SOC II Type 1 certified, and ISO 27001 certified while supporting HIPAA, ADA, WCAG 2.1, CCPA, New York SHIELD Act, and other standards varying country by country.

For banks, credit unions, and other financial service providers that desire to securely transform paper-based workflows, ZorroSign’s digital signature and document management platform can decrease costs, reduce errors, and increase productivity.

As a private blockchain, ZorroSign can ensure privacy is always maintained as only approved nodes (endpoint users) can write to ZorroSign’s blockchain. As a result, ZorroSign’s architecture has even tighter privacy and security measures than other blockchains.


Beyond digital signatures, ZorroSign delivers identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) to verify financial services users and support know-your-customer (KYC) requirements:

  • ZorroSign technology leverages the biometric capabilities of hardware endpoints to verify user identities
  • ZorroSign is the first to adopt password-less login amongst our digital signature competitors
  • ZorroSign MFA provides maximum security, as before a user can sign a document, our platform can validate multiple dimensions of authentication based on the transaction security needs: What you know (i.e., your ZorroSign login password), what you have (e.g., your laptop or mobile device), who you are (e.g., biometrics such as fingerprints or eye iris on the device securing who can access it), etc.

Additionally, ZorroSign users can optionally use our dynamic knowledge-based authentication (KBA) feature provided by LexisNexis. KBA requires the knowledge of private information of the individual to prove that the person providing identity information is the actual person.

Moving forward, ZorroSign will be adding further user verification capabilities, including integrations with U.S. driver licenses via state motor vehicle departments, verification via passports (with approximately 72 countries to start), other government-issued identities (with approximately 100 countries to start), and even tapping U.S. credit union databases for identity verifications.

Further, we will be implementing a blockchain-based audit trail for all user activities—including profile updates, signature changes, etc.—and will maintain a separate blockchain to maintain users’ signatures. With these immutable blockchain records, we can uniquely validate users in ways no competitive solution can.

We invite you to request a copy of our ZorroSign Security Brief to learn how our private blockchain architecture, document storage and protection, and platform security measures can support your financial service clients today!