Digital Transformation for Nonprofit Organizations

Digital Solutions for NPOs

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are dedicated to a given cause, rather than generating profits, but they must bring in enough income to pursue their goals while tightly managing expenses. Every dollar less spent on operations is a dollar the NPO can spend on actual programs. While all NPOs generate operating income in different ways, many rely upon individual donations, corporate sponsorships, and government grants to achieve their missions. So fundraising is as critical to nonprofits as is minimizing costs.


Successful nonprofits provide exceptional accountability, integrity, and transparency to the donors, staff, and volunteers who have invested their time, money, and trust to the organization. Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solutions—such as ZorroSign—bring the technology necessary to operate and track to an NPO’s elevated standards for such accounting, integrity, and transparency while critically helping nonprofits to minimize operating costs.


Specifically, a dynamic DTM solution such as ZorroSign can bring secure, paperless operations to digitize and automate nonprofit administration, human resources (including new employee and volunteer onboarding, timesheets, and training), workflows/approvals, vendor contracts, and other organizational record keeping necessary to maintain tax-exempt status.


ZorroSign delivers secure DTM for NPOs and their donors, while leveraging our patent-pending 4n6 (“forensics”) blockchain token to each step of fundraising and operations—delivering eSignature and digital signature authentication and verification, and an audit trail of approvals, attachments, signatories, and time stamps.

Benefits to NPOs

  • Reduce time and costs of processing applications, forms, and documents.
  • Save costs with lower paper, printer, and copier consumption.
  • Identify and eliminate errors during document processing.
  • Quickly upload documents to ZorroSign’s DTM platform for easy digital workflow approvals, signatures, and storage.
  • Improved convenience for donors, staff, and vendors in processing forms, documents, and even payments quickly and securely.
  • ZorroSign Mobile solutions readily allow donors, employees, partners, vendors, and volunteers to share and execute documents on Android and iOS mobile devices.

How Nonprofits Use ZorroSign

  • Distributing donor communications in a secure digital format
  • Manage vendor contracts & payments
  • Onboarding employees & volunteers
  • Systematic archiving of agreements, contracts, and digital records
  • Transacting escrows in a safe, secure, regulatory-compliant manner

Don’t wait, go digital today with ZorroSign!


Not only can ZorroSign DTM solutions streamline administrative workflows and reduce operating costs, but paperless solutions prove a commitment to “going green”—saving trees and having a positive impact on the environment through sustainable practices.