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ZorroSign and the University of Colombo School of Computing Partner on R&D and Research Incubator

Memorandum of Understanding Outlines Collaboration on Academic Research and Business Development on Information and Communications Technology

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA, January 10, 2022 / CISION PRWEB / — ZorroSign, Inc., a global leader in data security solutions built on blockchain, today announced a new partnership with the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) in Sri Lanka. This collaboration aspires to deliver research and development (R&D) initiatives with commercialization potential, plus enable UCSC to provide a self-sustaining ecosystem for its Research Incubator.

“We are excited to partner with the University of Colombo to help build out their computing research incubator while providing students with real-world R&D and business development opportunities,” said Shamsh Hadi, CEO and co-founder at ZorroSign. “ZorroSign has a considerable presence in Sri Lanka—with our development center of excellence—and is eager to foster emerging talents, technologies and entrepreneurship on the Resplendent Isle.”

Key goals of this partnership include UCSC collaborating with ZorroSign’s industry veterans and guest lecturers to provide industry expertise to academic and R&D activities, plus ZorroSign partnering with UCSC on information and communications technology (ICT) initiatives which have commercialization potential, aiding UCSC students via research assistantships and employment opportunities as aligned to R&D initiatives, and ZorroSign and UCSC jointly publishing research results.

“ZorroSign and its family of innovative companies represent truly global enterprise committed to advancing technology,” said Dr. Ajantha Atukorale, director of the University of Colombo School of Computing. “By leveraging blockchain for data security, digital signatures, document management and other IT functions, ZorroSign is the ideal technology partner for UCSC and our students researching and expanding computer science. We look forward to uncovering new applications, new businesses, and new markets together.”

To learn more about UCSC visit https://ucsc.cmb.ac.lk and to learn more about ZorroSign, visit https://zorrosign.com 


About the University of Colombo

The oldest University in Sri Lanka, the University of Colombo is a sprawling complex located in the heart of the capital city of Colombo with a proud history of over 115 years. The University of Colombo has a multi-cultural multi-ethnic student and staff population, fostering social harmony, cultural diversity, equal opportunity and unity across nine Faculties with over 40 Academic Departments, one campus, one school and seven Institutes. In 2002, the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) was established by merging the Institute of Computer Technology and the Department of Computer Science, both of the University of Colombo, as the first centre of higher learning of computing in Sri Lanka. For more information visit www.cmb.ac.lk.

About ZorroSign
ZorroSign, Inc. uses blockchain for superior privacy and security. Governments, businesses, organizations and individuals around the world trust ZorroSign to safeguard their digital documents and to provide an immutable chain of custody for their digital transactions. The company’s data security platform integrates multiple blockchains (Hyperledger Fabric and Provenance Blockchain), digital signatures (Z-Sign), automated compliance (Z-Flow), intelligent forms (Z-Fill), document storage (Z-Vault), patented fraud prevention (Z-Forensics), user authentication and document verification (Z-Verify), identity-as-a-service (IDaaS), and so much more. When the risk is personal and everything is on the line, Block It Down! To learn more visit zorrosign.com