Digital Signature
Use ZorroSign to Digitally Sign your documents

ZorroSign was co-founded by one of the inventors of the original real digital signature technology, including signature pads and stylus type pens. ZorroSign digital signatures:

  • Are the only REAL digital signature solutions available;
  • Capture the “digital bits” of a person’s signature as it is written, including the speed, color, thickness, and pressure of the pen and includes additional metadata; and,
  • Are legally binding and addresses the question of signatory attribution.

ZorroSign is authorized to issue its own globally-accepted security certificates that never expire—unliked those used by our competitors.

electronic signature

ZorroSign uses advanced workflow automation to automate signature signing ceremonies, while using private, permissioned blockchain technology to:

  • Detect digital signature fraud;
  • Stop the tampering of digital signatures; and,
  • Provide bank-grade security to secure and protect users’ privacy, information, signatures, and documents.

Benefits of ZorroSign Digital Signature

  • Security – safeguard your documents with encryption and highest level of security as ZorroSign uses the latest privacy and security technologies.
  • Enforceability- using ZorroSign’s proprietary technology where documents digitally signed are legally binding wherever digital signatures are allowed by law.
  • Encryption – ZorroSign safeguards your privacy, data, documents and signatures with the latest industry standard encryption.
  • Authentication & Verification – ZorroSign is the only solution that can verify, validate and authenticate printed (paper) version of electronically signed documents as well!
    • 4n6 tokens for trusted digital signature that can be verified and authenticated digitally and on paper.
  • Compliance – ZorroSign digital signatures are compliant with international laws and regulations, including the U.S eSign Act, Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), The Federal Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Canadian Provincial Uniform Electronic Commerce Act (UECA), GDPR in Europe, and more.
  • ROI – reduce costs by reducing paper, printing, the logistics of sending by courier, and subsequent physical archiving with ZorroSign’s digital platform.
eSignature benefits

Capabilities of ZorroSign Digital Signature

eSignature Features
  • ZorroSign Digital Signatures are compliant with international laws & regulations, such as E-Sign Act, UETA, HIPAA, etc.
  • Create a handwritten or computer-generated signatures of different styles and colors for multiple roles, situations and legal purposes e.g. trustee, proxy, etc.
  • Highly trusted Digital Signature that can be verified and authenticated digitally and on paper.
  • ZorroSign Digital Signature is embedded on to the document and the entire document set is secured utilizing industry standard encryptions.
  • Documents signed with ZorroSign can have access authorization using password, biometrics (fingerprint & iris) or any other third-party authentication services if required.