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ZorroSign updated our user experience last year, making it even easier for you to Z-Sign agreements, execute transactions, and manage digital documents on blockchain.

From your iPhone or computer, ZorroSign’s data security platform built on blockchain facilitates quick, secure digital signatures . . . plus AI/ML form fill, identity-as-a-service to ensure user authentication, blockchain technology for privacy, security, and document verification, patented fraud prevention, and so much more!

To showcase our new user experience, we’re producing video “shorts” to show actual ZorroSign users signing agreements, building approval workflows, and managing digital documents anywhere, any time.  For example:

Further, we have great testimonials on our YouTube channel here.

And you can view our growing library of How-To videos showcasing basic ZorroSign functionality, including Z-Sign, here.

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When security is mission-critical, Block It Down!

Teams unite in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The global ZorroSign teams gathered the past two weeks for a series of strategic meetings to kick-off Q2-2023!

First, the US team visited Colombo, Sri Lanka for three days of fellowship and planning with the development team…

We participated in a leadership and communications seminar presented by Murtaza Esufally and Anushka Fernando-Goonetilleke from Learn 4 Life Lanka

Communications Seminar

Celebrated new roles and responsibilities at a joyful team dinner at the Galle Face Hotel…

Team Dinner at the Galle Face Hotel

Aligned development, sales, and marketing deliverables in light of the very exciting strategic customers and partnerships we have coming onboard in Q2…

And toured some of the amazing beaches, restaurants, shops, and temples of Sri Lanka!

Temple Elephant
Sugar Beach

Then the US team visited Dubai, UAE to meet with the operations team for planning and alignment…

Synchronized our financial, human resources, and marketing targets…

Teams unite in Dubai, UAE

Met with our communications partners at Cicero & Bernay…

And enjoyed the beautiful sights of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the United Arab Emirates!

Camel ride in the desert
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi
Dinner at the Dubai Mall outside the Burj Khalifa
Views from the 125th Floor of the Burj Khalifa

To learn more about ZorroSign’s data security platform built on blockchain, our sustainability efforts, and how we can elevate your organization’s privacy and security, contact us or start a free 14 day trial

When security is mission-critical, your business needs secure digital signatures, transactions, and documentation—block it down!

Dubai blockchain leadership

At ZorroSign, we are huge advocates of blockchain technology and its role in the metaverse and web3. We truly believe that the future for maintaining the highest level of security and privacy for businesses and online transactions is rooted in blockchain solutions.

Dubai is a city embracing the use of blockchain technology and wooing forward-thinking entrepreneurs. It has a history of visionary innovation, having already attracted 1,000 companies in the blockchain and metaverse space.

Recently, Dubai hosted the Future Blockchain Summit—the MENA region’s longest-running exhibition and conference connecting key stakeholders across Blockchain, crypto and Web3. “Dubai is seen as the main hub for blockchain and Metaverse,” said LandVault CEO, Sam Huber, in a recent article in the Khaleej Times. Let’s take a closer look at the blockchain initiative that is taking place in Dubai . . .

Dubai’s Blockchain Strategy 

Dubai has taken a global lead in the use of blockchain technology with the Dubai Blockchain Strategy launched in October 2016 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum— propelling Dubai to be the first city in the world to conduct applicable government transactions via blockchain by 2020.


From that bold initiative—focused on improving government efficiency, creating new industry, and leading the world with paperless operations—Dubai has continually explored and evaluated distributed ledger technology innovations that demonstrate an opportunity to deliver more seamless, safe, efficient, and impactful city experiences.

It was from that 2016 vision that ZorroSign’s co-founder and CEO, Shamsh Hadi, drew inspiration to map his company’s emerging eSignature solution to blockchain. In the years since, ZorroSign has built a multi-chain blockchain platform uniting digital signatures, identity-as-a-service, automated compliance, and many more web3 technologies to support not only Dubai’s paperless initiatives and the vision of Sheikh Mohammed, but paperless operations for businesses, governments, and individuals around the world. Dubai’s blockchain strategy was a key beginning!

Dubai’s Metaverse Strategy

In September 2022, H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, launched the Dubai Metaverse Strategy—aiming to turn Dubai into one of the world’s top ten metaverse economies as well as a global hub for the metaverse community.

“The Dubai Metaverse Strategy seeks to: 

  • “Foster innovation, enhance the metaverse’s economic contributions through research and development collaborations, and promote advanced ecosystems utilizing accelerators and incubators that attract companies and projects to Dubai;
  • “Foster talent and invest in future capabilities by providing the necessary support in metaverse education aimed at developers, content creators and users of digital platforms in the metaverse community; and,
  • “Develop web3 technology and its applications to create new governmental work models and development in vital sectors, including tourism, education, retail, remote work, healthcare and the legal sector.”

Smart Dubai

“After the successful implementation of the strategy to transform Dubai into a Smart City by 2017, Dubai Government launched the Smart Dubai 2021 Strategy.”

With goals of customer happiness, economic growth, and resource and infrastructure resilience, the Smart Dubai 2021 Strategy presents six strategic objectives to achieve:

  • A “smart livable and resilient city” — achieving full information and communication technology (ICT) enablement of critical infrastructure, enhancing resilience and delivering an integrated, sustainable urban experience.
  • A “globally competitive economy powered by disruptive technologies” — digitally transforming economic sectors, transitioning to sustainability while fostering vibrant entrepreneurship and innovative ecosystems.
  • An “interconnected society with easily accessible social services” ­—digitizing and simplifying access to services for residents and visitors, improving the quality of life and streamlining social, cultural, education, and healthcare experiences in the emirate.
  • “Smooth transport driven by autonomous and shared mobility solutions” — pioneering mobile solutions for a seamless and safe transportation experience, harnessing autonomous transportation technologies, and reducing time spent commuting.
  • A “clean environment enabled by cutting-edge ICT innovations” — deploying technologies that ensure sustainability and quality of the emirate’s resources (water, air, energy, and land), improving resource efficiency and conserving consumption, and digitally transform utilities/manufacturing/transportation to reduce the emirate’s carbon footprint.
  • A “digital, lean connected government” — i.e., “a government with zero visits” eliminating the need to commute to and physically interact with the government via paperless, cashless government operations delivering optimized experiences and powered by world-class city-wide shared services and infrastructure.

“The Digital Dubai initiative represents a vision to recreate the traditional top-bottom city management model into one that is representative and sustainable,” writes David Ndichu for Gulf Business. “Data is the foundation for the smart city Dubai aspires to be and the emergent digital economy the country is fostering.”

ZorroSign and Dubai

ZorroSign’s CEO and co-founder, Shamsh Hadi, is a third-generation member of the Hadi family who have called Dubai their home for the last 55 years. 

ZorroSign’s multi-chain blockchain technology supports Dubai’s blockchain strategy, metaverse strategy, Smart Dubai 2021 strategy, and paperless initiatives while helping organizations around the world move to private, secure paperless operations. Our technology was built from the ground up using private, permissioned Hyperledger Fabric blockchain—the blockchain architecture deployed by Amazon Web Services, IBM, Intel, Mastercard, Microsoft, PayPal, and more—and ZorroSign’s platform today also supports public, permissionless Provenance Blockchain.

Global ZorroSign

When privacy and security is mission critical, organizations from Dubai to Dublin, Dallas to Dhaka need ZorroSign for digital signatures, transactions, and documentation. Put ZorroSign’s blockchain platform to the test by signing up for a free trial today at https://www.zorrosign.com/new/

Blockchain in Phoenix

Blockchain technology is an important part of how we do business here at ZorroSign, and we truly believe that the future for transacting business—and maintaining the highest level of privacy and security—is rooted in utilizing distributed ledgers. Thankfully, we are not alone!

Let’s take a look at some of the innovative ways that forward-thinking organizations are using blockchain technology in Phoenix, Arizona.


Dash is a Phoenix-based cryptocurrency that enables anyone, anywhere in the world to make quick, easy and cheap payments at any time without going through a central authority. Based on a decentralized peer-to-peer network, and secured by strong cryptography, Dash offers a safe and user-friendly payment method without barriers. Dash is portable, inexpensive, divisible and fast digital cash for both the internet and everyday life.

Dash is used around the world as a practical alternative to cash and credit cards. It is also a useful solution in the international remittances market. It is particularly popular in regions where technical access barriers exist to traditional payment systems, or where hyperinflation has made existing currency impractical to use.

Dash Ecosystem

The Dash Platform is a technology stack for building decentralized applications on the Dash network. The two main architectural components, Drive and DAPI, turn the Dash P2P network into a cloud that developers can integrate with their applications.


Propy is a residential real estate platform built upon the Ethereum blockchain that accelerates transaction time for home buying. Their products help brokers, agents and title companies migrate to closing on blockchain.

They built a blockchain-powered title and escrow company that supports traditional, crypto, and NFT closing. In addition, Propy records the title on both the blockchain and with the county registrar. The company’s new service has been launched for residential real estate transactions in Arizona, Colorado and Florida.

Real estate agents use Propy to invite buyers and sellers to the Propy platform where they can all use it from offer to close, removing legacy processes and systems that slow down the whole process. All parties involved in the process of home purchase and sale are able to view and follow in real time every step in their transaction and close in a secure blockchain environment. The blockchain closing environment minimizes the risks associated with wire and title fraud or loss of information.

Sky Republic

Founded in 2016, Sky Republic is a pioneer in enterprise blockchain and supply chain integration, recognized in six Gartner Hype Cycles. They provide blockchain automation for digital supply chains.

Benefits of using blockchain for supply chain

Sky Republic’s Atlas Sky Contract Platform (SCP) delivers real-time reconciliation, asset tracking, provenance tracing, process optimization, and more. To synchronize business with their partners and decentralize benefits, Sky Republic creates a trusted and distributed digital twin of a supply chain. Designed to get multi-enterprise applications up and running quickly, Sky Republic’s platform makes supply chain more productive, resilient, and nimble.


SPARK+ is an innovation company specialized in blockchain development with a wide range of expertise and clients across the globe. They believe futuristic platforms need futuristic technologies such as blockchain, AI and ML. SPARK+ helps their clients to leverage these modern technologies for your existing business or new idea.

Those who work for SPARK+ believe that blockchain suits well where it fits well. From Use case analysis to quality delivery SPARK+ makes sure your product enhances its value with the power of blockchain technology. SPARK+ offers several different blockchain services such as; Tokenization, decentralized finance, blockchain network development, app development and integrations, enterprise blockchain solution, and auditing, training and consultation.

And ZorroSign

ZorroSign, of course, is a multi-chain blockchain platform uniting digital signatures with workflow controls and automation, AI/ML form fill, identity-as-a-service (IDaaS), patented fraud prevention, and much more—all written to either the private, permissioned Hyperledger Fabric blockchain or public, permissionless Provenance Blockchain.

ZorroSign opened our global operations hub in Phoenix to be among forward-thinking individuals and organizations that believe in harnessing the power of blockchain for the future. These companies, and many emerging organizations in Arizona, are making the leap to web3 and bringing blockchain technologies to life for businesses, governments and individuals.

Put ZorroSign’s blockchain platform to the test by signing up for a free trial today at https://www.zorrosign.com/new/

Members of the Phoenix, Arizona Team

ZorroSign CEO and co-founder, Shamsh Hadi, this week opened a new office for the Arizona team at the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University‘s downtown Phoenix campus.

“We are thrilled to share offices with the ethical, visionary leaders tackling the world’s greatest challenges,” said Hadi, “ZorroSign has always been a global company, and now aligning with the entrepreneurs shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings fresh perspectives and new opportunities to our staff, partners and customers.”

Shamsh Hadi, CEO and Co-Founder

Thunderbird School of Global Management is a unit of the Arizona State University. For more than 75 years, Thunderbird has been the vanguard of global management and leadership education, creating inclusive and sustainable prosperity worldwide by educating global leaders capable of tackling the world’s greatest challenges. Thunderbird’s Master of Global Management was ranked No. 1 in the world for 2019 by the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education. ASU is ranked No. 1 “Most Innovative School” in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for eight years in succession.

“The people, the building, the campus, and the vibe here are truly electric,” added Hadi. “We look forward to tapping into that energy as we build new relationships and expand ZorroSign’s technology, innovation and sustainability efforts.”

Conference Room

For more information, read our September 22, 2022, press release here.