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ZorroSign and CEO Support UAE Initiative to Plant 100 Million Mangrove Trees by 2030

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    Shamsh Hadi

ZorroSign is proud to support sustainability projects around the world. In a recent effort, we are actively participating in the visionary program from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE), whose “National Carbon Sequestration Project” will plant 100 million mangroves by 2030 across the country.

“The project is part of the strategic directions of the UAE to increase reliance on nature-based solutions in facing environmental challenges, and to enhance efforts to capture carbon dioxide to mitigate the effects of climate change and enhance adaptation capabilities,” reports Gulf News. “Mangroves can absorb and capture carbon up to four to five times greater than wild tropical rain forests, in addition to being a safe natural habitat for marine biodiversity, as 80 per cent of global fish populations depend on healthy mangrove ecosystems.”

ZorroSign is not only planting mangrove trees with the paper saved through our Save a Tree Plant a Tree program, but CEO and co-founder, Shamsh Hadi, is with his family personally planting mangroves as part of the National Carbon Sequestration Project.

“We planted 40 mangroves this weekend,” said Hadi. “It was a wonderful experience for my family, as they got to participate first-hand in this important ecological effort. We have long supported the Ismaili CIVIC Mangrove Forest project, managed by Ismaili CIVIC UAE with Major Ali Saqr Sultan Al Suweidi, founder of the Emirates Marine Environmental Group, and love seeing directly how our personal contributions can support our community.”

“Tropical mangrove forests are complex ecosystems anchored around mangrove trees that thrive in inhospitable hot, muddy and salty conditions,” adds a recent Reuters report. “They protect coastal communities against storms and floods, host diverse and threatened species and can soften climate change by capturing atmospheric carbon.”

“The UAE’s National Carbon Sequestration Project roadmap includes four activities: Evaluating mangrove planting sites, producing mangrove seeds and seedlings, a programme for planting seeds and seedlings in selected sites, and monitoring and following up on planted mangroves and the levels of carbon that will be captured,” notes Gulf News. “To enhance efforts towards achieving this ambitious goal by 2030, MoCCAE said it is working with its partners within an integrated system to implement project activities through cooperation with government and private sector institutions and international non-governmental organisations.”

Beyond the mangrove planting, ZorroSign champions sustainability efforts in partnership with One Tree Planted, the United Nations’ Plant for the Planet, and the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) hosted in Dubai, UAE this November 2023. 

To learn more about ZorroSign advancing technology while advancing sustainability, visit our Sustainability page for details!