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ZorroSign Videos

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    Shamsh Hadi

Here are the most popular ZorroSign product training videos.

Checkout ZorroSign YouTube channel for the entire video library.

What is ZorroSign?

Tired of reading? Interested in learning more about Blockchain, Electronic Signature, DTM and Document Security? Check out the Introduction to ZorroSign webinar and get an in-depth look at how ZorroSign uses eSign, Blockchain, chain of custody, distributed ledger, electronic signature, biometrics, workflow automation and other signature workflows.

How to use ZorroSign

Want to get to the point and learn to be more efficient with ZorroSign’s newest updates? Check out the Workflow builder 2.0 playlist and learn everything you need to know about ZorroSign’s latest updates.

ZorroSign Admin Tools

If you are an existing customer, learn about admin tools here.

How ZorroSign Gives Back

Interested in understanding how ZorroSign gives back to the community? Check out how ZorroSign supports Reforestry efforts.

Ready to learn even more? View the ZorroSign Kickstart Training playlist, and with our new pricing plan you can Sign up for a free account and get 3 document sets each month free with no credit card required for registration.

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