Digital Transformation for Educational Institutions

Digital Solutions for Education

Many U.S. school systems today struggle with deficits in funding, overcrowding, and challenges with adopting technology in education. While there are no quick solutions, ZorroSign is proud to support public and private institutions with a unified platform for digitizing their administration and recordkeeping—driving lower operating costs, more efficiently focusing resources on education, and automating administrative workflows.


Elementary, middle, and high schools,plus colleges and universities all aspire to offer students and staff the most up-to-date technology to facilitate learning and impart knowledge in a fun and nurturing environment. Leveraging Digital Transaction Management (DTM) can help any educational institution reduce administrative costs, eliminate the errors associated with manual paper-based processes, and foster an environmentally conscious school system.


Specifically, a dynamic DTM solution such as ZorroSign can bring secure, paperless operations to digitize and automate educational administration, human resources (including new employee onboarding, timesheets, and compliance training), workflows/approvals, student and course registration processes, parent permissions, and other educational recordkeeping.


ZorroSign delivers secure DTM for educators and administrators while leveraging our patent-pending 4n6 (“forensics”) blockchain token to each step of the process—delivering eSignature, authentication and verification, and an audit trail of approvals, attachments, signatories, and time stamps.

Benefits to Educational Institutions

  • Improved convenience for students, parents, and staff in processing forms and documents quickly and securely.
  • Reduce time and costs of processing applications, forms, and documents.
  • Save costs with lower paper, printer, and copier consumption.
  • Identify and eliminate errors during processing.
  • Quickly upload documents to ZorroSign’s DTM platform for easy digital workflow approvals, signatures, and storage.
  • Track chain of custody of documents.
  • ZorroSign Mobile solutions readily allow parents, students, administration, staff, and third parties to share and execute documents on Android and iOS mobile devices.

How Educators Use ZorroSign

  • Digitizing, distributing, and executing student forms including registrations
  • Facilities management forms
  • Human resources processes such as employee onboarding
  • Logistics and procurement processes
  • Parent permission slip distribution, approval, management
  • Securely archiving and digitizing staff and student records
  • Staff benefits administration programs and processes
  • Student behavior contracts
  • Student fee management
  • Student/Parent Code of Conduct acknowledgment
  • Digitize sports participation forms (with ability to attach supporting documents like physicals and birth certificates)

Don’t wait, go digital today with ZorroSign!


Not only can ZorroSign DTM solutions streamline administrative workflows and reduce operating costs, but paperless solutions prove a commitment to “going green”—saving trees and having a positive impact on the environment through sustainable practices.