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By Shamsh Hadi, CEO & Co-Founder of ZorroSign, Inc.

As CEO of ZorroSign, Inc. I am committed to advancing technology while advancing sustainability. With regard to technology, I am always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve—especially in cybersecurity.

But lately, there’s an emerging technology that keeps me up at night: Quantum computing.

While quantum computing promises potential breakthroughs in AI, chemistry and medicine, physics and materials science, it also presents a significant threat to cybersecurity.

Think of it like this: The locks guarding our digital data are built on complex mathematical problems (cryptography). Today’s computers struggle to crack these problems, taking years with longer encryption keys, keeping our information safe. But quantum computers, capable of massively parallel processing, could potentially shatter these locks and access encrypted data with ease.

This isn’t just science fiction anymore—experts believe quantum computers capable of breaking current encryption could be a reality within the next decade.


A sufficiently powerful quantum computer could break the public-private key encryption that secures digital communications, data, and transactions today, explains ScienceNews. “’All of those public-key algorithms are vulnerable to an attack that can only be carried out by a quantum computer,’ says mathematician Angela Robinson of NIST, ‘Our whole digital world is relying on quantum-vulnerable algorithms.’”

That’s why I’m urging businesses to start exploring post-quantum cryptography (PQC).

PQC is the next generation of encryption—designed to withstand the challenges of quantum computing by providing greater cybersecurity resilience. While the market is still evolving, PQC initiatives are rolling out and it is crucial to start assessing PQC solutions to future-proof your data security:

  • Protecting sensitive information — from financial records to customer data, a data breach can be catastrophic but strong PQC safeguards your most valuable digital data assets.
  • Maintaining customer trust — consumers expect their data to be safe, and implementing PQC demonstrates your commitment to robust, future-proof data security.
  • Staying competitive — businesses that embrace PQC early will be recognized as leaders in cybersecurity, gaining a potential edge in competitive markets.

The future of quantum computing is uncertain, but one thing is clear: Business leaders cannot afford to be unprepared.

By proactively adopting PQC, you can ensure your business data and your customer data remains secure—no matter what the future holds. I invite you to start exploring PQC solutions today and safeguard your business for the quantum tomorrow. Please connect with me on LinkedIn or email me to start a conversation . . .