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Passwordless login capabilities provide a secure and convenient way for companies to authenticate users and can play an important role in your security stack by minimizing the human risk-factor.

One of the main benefits of passwordless authentication is that it eliminates the need for users to remember and manage multiple passwords.  With users no longer needing to recall their passwords—and also then unable to share their passwords—the risk of password-related security breaches, such as phishing and brute force attacks, plus password reuse is significantly reduced.

Another key benefit of passwordless login is that it provides a more seamless and user-friendly experience.  With passwordless login, users can authenticate themselves with a variety of methods such as biometric authentication, one-time passcodes sent via SMS, or a security key.  This facilitates user adoption and reduces the risk of users circumventing security measures.

Passwordless login also provides a way to secure remote transactions, as users can authenticate themselves without the need to be physically present at a location.  This is particularly useful in today’s digital world where remote work and online transactions are becoming more and more prevalent.

Moreover, passwordless login capabilities can also be integrated with multi-factor authentication (MFA) to provide an additional layer of security.  MFA can help to protect against identity theft and other cyber threats by requiring users to provide multiple forms of authentication—critically important for companies that handle sensitive data or operate in regulated industries.

By incorporating passwordless login capabilities into your security stack, you can improve your security posture and reduce costs.  Passwordless authentication:

  • Eliminates the need for users to remember and manage multiple passwords,
  • Provides a more seamless and user-friendly experience,
  • Secures remote transactions, and
  • Can be integrated with multi-factor authentication.

Organizations that adopt passwordless login capabilities better secure your digital assets, improve user adoption, and reduce the risk of security breaches. Read our latest eBook for further details and to learn how ZorroSign delivers blockchain, digital signatures, identity-as-a-service, and passwordless authentication for your security stack!

Since 2013, the security world recognizes the first Thursday of May as World Password Day—promoting better password habits such as changing passwords, moving to more complex passwords, and turning on multi-factor authentication (MFA) to improve digital security.

In advance of this year’s World Password Day, ZorroSign is proud to remind our users that ZorroSign’s platform not only accommodates complex passwords and MFA, but also supports “password-less” logins!


First, ZorroSign leverages the biometric security of Apple and Android mobile devices to login to the device (and ZorroSign app) with hardware biometric capture features such as face, fingerprint, and iris scans. Such biometric login facilitates password-less user authentication at the device-level for subsequent ZorroSign digital signatures and document management.

Further, our multi-chain blockchain platform can validate multiple dimensions of authentication based on the transaction security needs:

  • What you know — your ZorroSign login password or knowledge-based authentication
  • What you have — your PC or mobile device
  • Who you are — biometrics such as finger prints, eye iris on the device securing who can access it

ZorroSign’s dynamic knowledge-based authentication (KBA) feature—provided by LexisNexis—requires the knowledge of private information of the individual to prove that the person providing their identity information is the actual person.

With ZorroSign’s user authentication options, it is almost impossible for an imposter to sign a document on the ZorroSign platform, ensuring:

  • Legal Enforceability — Using digital signatures with real digital information
  • Signature Attribution — Incorporating high-level security provisions and multifactor authentication (including biometrics) to ensure signatory attribution to a specific user

To learn more about our password-less login capabilities and how ZorroSign provides superior privacy and data security with our blockchain platform, contact us today or sign up for a Free 14-Day Trial to see for yourself!