Services Offered by ZorroSign

ZorroSign's SaaS offering is a fully managed service thus eliminate the need for our customers to manage hardware, software, and security systems and their upgrades to run ZorroSign application. Our subscription plans include usage of software and customer support.

Services We Offer

ZorroSign KickStart Service

Our Kickstart package is designed to help our customers hit the ground running. Two hours of free consultation which includes training, Q&A, and setting up one document workflow.

ZorroSign Professional Services

ZorroSign product experts are available for our customers who require advanced training, setting up complex templates and workflows, configuring business processes, and developing custom integrations.

ZorroSign Cloud Deployment Configurations

ZorroSign is available in three Cloud configurations:

  • Public Cloud (with public-integrations).
  • Hybrid Cloud (where customers data resides behind a private and secure cloud only accessible to the customer including unlimited API usage) Ideal for financial services institutions, and other industries where data security is highly regulated.
  • Private Cloud (where data and ZorroSign application run in a private and secure Cloud dedicated to the customer including unlimited API usage) Ideal for governments, military, and other high security sensitive organizations.
  • On-Premise For those customers who have the propensity to have both application and their data behind their own DMZ and firewall, ZorroSign offers on-premise deployment model. Includes unlimited API calls.

Customer Support

Customer support is available to ensure your success by connecting with experts, getting best practices, and resolving issues. We also welcome your suggestions and ideas to enhance our products and services.