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Zorrosign top 10 banking technology vendors middle east cio applications

These  10 companies are some of the most prominent banking solution providers in the industry that empower organizations to proactively optimize their operations. Banks opt for technology solutions that are highly secure, flexible and robust. Security and fraud protection is key focus area for banks and other financial institutions.


In 2018 and beyond banks will have increased focus on streamlining their business operations, move to Cloud, enhance their user experience, and completely digitize their banking transactions. That’s where ZorroSign’s real electronic signature and Document 4n6 (Forensics) Token technology will play a major role.

Today ZorroSign is available for our customers as a complete SaaS-based Advanced Electronic Signature and DTM platform which omprises of five different components—an electronic signature solution, Document 4n6 (Forensics) Token, advanced workfow engine, ZorroFill, and a full Document Management System
Shamsh Hadi, Co-founder and CEO

The origin of ZorroSign can be traced to the outset of digital transformation, the 1990s, when one of the company’s co-founders introduced an innovative technology called electronic signature. Even though electronic signatures gained wide acceptance and popularity after President Bill Clinton passed the eSign Act in 2000, several factors limited the adoption of this new technology for the next ten or so years. Factors such as market and technology maturity, it being a big disruption, complexity of business processes, legal acceptance, and concerns related to authenticity and fraud prevention. Perhaps the biggest missing piece was “Digital Transaction Management” (DTM). Having made its eSignature and DTM solution available (in private capacity) to large corporate entities and government bodies in 2012, ZorroSign finally filled that void in 2015 when it began intensively leveraging its technical expertise to create an advanced Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform. Today ZorroSign is available as a complete SaaS-based Electronic Signature and Advanced DTM platform which comprises of five components. The five complementary components are; an electronic signature solution, Document 4n6 (Forensics) Token, advanced workfow engine, ZorroFill, and a full Document Management System collectively deliver a top-notch user experience. “ZorroSign’s unique technology is ideal for fintech and insure tech, as well as traditional banking and financial services companies looking to go completely digital in a highly secure way,” Shamsh Hadi, Co-Founder and CEO at ZorroSign says.

“After the success of our on-premise DTM deployment for private customers, it was clear that the widespread success of electronic signature can only come if it is part of a comprehensive, highly secure Digital Transaction Management solution.”

ZorroSign’s electronic signature is an essential element of the ZorroSign DTM platform—a highly secure, encrypted, and robust solution that places real eSignatures in documents as opposed to just an image or copy of a signature. The second component, Document 4n6 (forensics) Token of the ZorroSign platform is revolutionizing the way documents are verified. The legal community calls it ‘post-execution fraud protection’. It enables users to view the audit trail, verify if a document set has been tampered with, altered or expired, and easily assign permissions to a third party to view a document set and its attachments. The Token does not carry an expiration date, which means that the documents never expire or require the purchase of third-party security certificates.

The Token is always placed as the last step of the signature workflow to ensure fraud prevention, identity protection, and a complete audit trail. The Token is read using the ZorroSign 4n6 Reader mobile app. In addition, since 2012, ZorroSign customers have been using biometrics to secure their electronically signed documents. At Money20/20 in October of 2017 in Las Vegas, ZorroSign demonstrated its application using mobile biometrics. The ZorroSign 4n6 Token also incorporates the biometric signature.

ZorroSign’s ZorroFill brings artificial intelligence and machine learning to electronic forms. It transforms ordinary forms into Intelligent Forms and virtually eliminates the tedious task of filling them out manually. The last component, ZorroSign DMS, lets users manage all documents from one place, without the added cost of a third party DMS. The DMS is a tagging based file management system, with an intuitive user interface, and a comprehensive labeling system that allows effortless document retrieving.

All the components deliver tremendous benefits to users with the support of the enterprise-grade, robust, and flexible ZorroSign Workflow Automation Engine, which serves as the core technology component of the DTM platform. The automated workflow engine allows organizations to convert frequently used documents into re-usable templates and automates from simple to complex document signing ceremonies (or processes) into workflows.

“We also maintain bank-grade security and continue to research and implement new security and privacy features,” Hadi adds. In addition, ZorroSign’s utilization of advanced mobile biometrics using iris, facial, and fingerprint to authenticate and verify users and documents is just one example of ZorroSign’s commitment to adopting cutting-edge security and privacy technologies for its customers. The company also ensures that it complies with agencies and regulatory bodies around the world to maintain the standards in terms of safety and privacy of documents and users’ information.

ZorroSign is currently collaborating with big biometric technology providers and device manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Fujitsu to further enhance its platform. “Today we are essentially a mobile society, and we want to stay ahead of the game by making our entire portfolio mobile-optimized with improved speed and by leveraging newer avenues of technology such as voice integration,” says Hadi. ZorroSign is positioned well to help organizations with their digital transformation.

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