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ZorroSign Supports State Legislation for the Use of Electronic Wills

California Bill CA AB 1667 and Texas House Bill 3848 will make Electronic Wills a reality, making execution of Wills and Trusts more secure, convenient, safer, and efficient.

Monday, April 29, 2019 – San Francisco, CA —ZorroSign, Inc., pioneer of real electronic signature and document fraud and tampering detection system built on Blockchain, today announced its support for California Bill CA AB 1667 and Texas House Bill 3848 concerning legislation regarding the use of electronic signatures in Electronic Wills. ZorroSign supports the efforts of the States of California and Texas and oversight of a Last Will and Testament (“Will”). ZorroSign specifically supports and encourages the use of electronic signatures in electronic Wills.


ZorroSign believes that just like individuals in the United States use electronic signature systems today to execute agreements and forms, they should also have the same option to electronically sign their high valued documents, such as a Will, using electronic signature.


Benefits to using ZorroSign’s electronic signature and DTM platform to sign Wills are:


  • having the ability to remotely sign Wills – anywhere, at any time and on any device.
  • ensuring signatory attribution and chain of custody of documents.
  • ensuring the sanctity of the document against tampering and signature forgery.
  • reducing both hard and soft dollar costs from reduction in cost of printing, ink, filing, storage, retrieval and insurance.
  • significant environmental savings with regards to saving trees, reducing water consumption, reducing carbon emissions, time, and other direct and indirect costs.


“The digital revolution has begun to impact every industry, whether public or private,” said Shamsh Hadi, Co-founder and CEO of ZorroSign. “Ultimately, ZorroSign exists to better facilitate business processes more securely, while using the latest technologies. Supporting government legislation that supports these same ideas makes sense. ZorroSign’s comprehensive eSignature and Digital Transaction Management solution has the ability to increase the accessibility and fraud detection of Electronic Wills. If passed, this legislation helps California and Texas make a major leap into the future of the ‘digital age’.”


ZorroSign congratulates the efforts of the States of California and Texas to support electronic Wills and use of electronic signatures on Wills and Trusts.


For more information about electronic signatures, ZorroSign’s products, and its efforts to go-digital and live a paperless, visit www.zorrosign.com.



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ZorroSign, Inc. is the pioneer of electronic signature technology and the developer of ZorroSign DTM, a unified platform, a complete Electronic Signature and Digital Transaction Management solution. ZorroSign’s unique Document 4n6 (forensics) technology offers post-execution fraud detection and verification and authentication of electronic signatures and documents using Blockchain tokenization.

ZorroSign DTM streamlines end-to-end digital transactions with its bank-grade security and by using its core technology including real eSignature, electronic document security, enterprise-grade workflows, intelligent forms, document management system, and intelligent forms that use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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