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ZorroSign Launching New User Interface on August 15th  

Company Brings Web3 Technologies and the Best User Experience to Digital Signatures

PHOENIX, July 18, 2022 / CISION / — ZorroSign, Inc., a global leader in blockchain-based digital signature solutions, today announced plans to launch its next generation platform which will include upgrades to user experience, user interface, new features, security, compliance and system updates on August 15, 2022. The company has been primarily working to update the ZorroSign application’s look and feel, with a goal of being the most intuitive and user-friendly digital signature experience available.

“We are proud to continue to bring web3 technologies to an eSignature market full of old tech solution providers,” said Shamsh Hadi, CEO and co-founder of ZorroSign. “We were the first to bring blockchain for digital signatures, then we added our patented fraud prevention solution and advanced identity-as-a-service features. Now we are updating our entire user interface to ensure ZorroSign subscribers have the best user experience in signing digital documents, storing digital documents on blockchain, managing digital workflows, and securing digital transactions in the world.”

The company’s emphasis on privacy, security and compliance for digital transactions gives ZorroSign a strong foothold across government, financial services, IT, legal services, and real estate. By providing a mobile solution for digital signatures, ZorroSign facilitates digital transactions around the world and the opportunity for organizations, companies, and individuals to “go green” with paperless operations.

“We continually strive to advance technology while also advancing sustainability which is especially important today as we are seeing drastic changes to our planet,” adds Hadi. “Our blockchain-based technologies enable a paperless life, and each time you use ZorroSign to digitally transact instead of printing, faxing, scanning, and shipping documents to collect signatures, you save trees and water, plus reduce our carbon emissions, and even add trees with our Save a Tree, Plant a Tree program.”

ZorroSign’s “Save a Tree, Plant a Tree” program has the company planting a tree on behalf of its customers every time a customer saves 8,000 pages of copy paper by using ZorroSign for digital operations. One tree produces roughly 8,000 pages of copy paper, so the program both saves trees and adds trees—doubling the positive impact. Studies show that by just eliminating or reducing the use of paper, governments and businesses can realize significant environmental benefits like conserving water, reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality, and reducing deforestation.

To learn more about ZorroSign’s new advances, visit zorrosign.com


About ZorroSign
When the risk is personal and everything is on the line, Z-Sign or don’t sign! ZorroSign, Inc. uses blockchain for superior privacy and security. The company’s multi-chain blockchain platform integrates digital signatures, automated compliance, intelligent forms (AI/ML), document management, patented fraud prevention, user authentication and document verification. Organizations, businesses, and individuals around the world trust ZorroSign’s web3 solutions to safeguard the privacy and security of their digital documents, and provide an immutable chain of custody for transactions. To learn more, visit zorrosign.com