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ZorroSign Launches Its Green Initiative

Paperless Life is About Making a Positive Impact in the World with Digital Transaction Management Technology.

ZorroSign, Inc., launched, Paperless Life, its green initiative during the celebration of Earth Day 2018, yesterday April 22.  This initiative is in line with ZorroSign’s vision to be a socially responsible company where its employees and customers can make a positive impact in the world.


ZorroSign’s eSignature and Digital Transaction Management platform enables companies of all sizes to undergo digital transformation and go completely paperless. Its unique and patent-pending 4n6 (forensics) security token technology offers a complete audit trail with fraud and tamper detection for both digital and printed paper versions of electronically signed documents. This eliminates any concern about authenticity of digital documents. This is beyond what a traditional pen-and-paper signatures ever offered and a much-differentiated solution in the market. By encouraging companies to go paperless, ZorroSign is making a difference by saving trees, saving water and reducing our carbon footprint.


“I have always been a strong believer that we should care about the environment as much as we do of each other as human beings.” Said Shamsh Hadi, co-founder and CEO of ZorroSign, Inc. “This is our home, planet Earth, and each one of us is responsible for doing our part. This is also part of our vision why ZorroSign was created. It makes us more responsible in the way we use our resources.” Hadi said.


To kick off its green initiative, ZorroSign has launched an “Environmental Savings Calculator.”  The calculator lets you estimate trees, water and CO2 emission that can be saved by going paperless. The hidden cost of using paper for business transactions has increased significantly in the last 10 years. Through this calculator, companies can see how much time and cost savings can be realized by adopting paperless strategy.


“Today is a day that brings each member of the team ZorroSign great happiness as we celebrate this with all of you.” Hadi said.


Even before the launch of this initiative, ZorroSign customers have already contributed tremendous amounts towards reducing use of trees, water, and carbon footprint, while enjoying savings in cost and time directly impacting their bottom line.


To learn how ZorroSign can help you go paperless and become more socially responsible go to https://www.zorrosign.com/Paperless-Life.


To learn more about ZorroSign eSignature and DTM solution, visit https://www.zorrosign.com.



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