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ZorroSign Is Planting Trees Around The World

Under Company’s #PaperlessLifeInitiative, Customers Save a Tree – ZorroSign Will Plant a Tree

ZorroSign, Inc., announced today that as part of its green initiative, Paperless Life, it will plant a tree every time its customers save enough paper by not printing and using ZorroSign instead.  ZorroSign is focused on saving the environment by reducing Carbon emission and fuel and water consumption by using its eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solution instead of printing – scanning – faxing / emailing / overnighting documents. For its Save a Tree – Plant a Tree program, ZorroSign is working with partners in United States, Canada, and India to plant trees in marginalized areas, improving environmental conditions in those regions and, in many cases, creating jobs.


On April 22, 2018, on the celebration of Earth Day, ZorroSign launched its green initiative called Paperless Life. It embodies ZorroSign’s vision to be a socially responsible company where its employees, customers, and partners can make a positive impact in the world. ZorroSign’s patented real electronic signature and unique Document 4n6 (forensics) Token technologies eliminate all concerns about security, authenticity, and legality of electronically signed documents. Two things that ZorroSign feels have been the biggest barriers to widespread adoption of electronic signatures and transformation to a complete paperless life.


“Paperless Life is all about a new way of living and conducting business and its pretty much a part of our DNA at ZorroSign.” Said Akbar Jaffer, Chief Marketing Officer of ZorroSign, Inc. “Saving paper not only has a huge environmental impact and tremendous cost savings for our customers, it also directly impacts marginalized regions of the world where trees mean jobs, food, happiness, and upliftment of human spirit.”


ZorroSign has also recently launched its Environmental Savings Calculator, which lets customers calculate how many trees, water and Carbon emission that can be saved by going paperless. Through this calculator, companies can also see how much time and cost savings can be realized by using an eSignature and DTM system instead of printing paper.


To learn how ZorroSign can help you go paperless and save the environment go to https://www.zorrosign.com/Paperless-Life.


To learn more about ZorroSign eSignature and DTM solution, visit https://www.zorrosign.com.



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