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Shamsh Hadi Joins Working Group for the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Digital Economy Courts (DEC)

Group Defines Processes to Help Settle Civil and Commercial Disputes Related to the Digital Economy of Dubai

DUBAI, December 21, 2022 — ZorroSign, Inc., a global leader in data security solutions built on blockchain, today announced CEO and co-founder, Shamsh Hadi, as a working group member of the Dubai International Financial Centre’s (DIFC) new Digital Economy Courts (DEC).

The Courts were activated to streamline all sophisticated national and transnational disputes related to current and emerging technologies such as 3D printing, AI, big data and intellectual property, blockchain, cloud services, robotics, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The DIFC is “aimed at providing the best legislative environment to boost the growth and sustainability of digital economy enterprises,” explains Alkesh Sharma in a recent article in The National. “A panel of international lawyers and experts in the industry were assigned to draft new specialized rules and develop standardized smart forms for processing information through a dynamic, artificial intelligence-driven platform.”

“I am honored to be part of this critical judicial network,” said Hadi. “I enjoy applying my knowledge and expertise to Dubai’s legal processes that settle complex civil and commercial disputes related to the digital economy.”

Established in 2004, the DIFC Courts are Dubai’s international English language common law judicial system and form a key part of the legal system of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Courts were established with the specific objective to enable the international community in the UAE to have greater confidence in the Emirate’s legal framework and to further strengthen investment and trade relations with Dubai and the UAE.

“The DIFC Courts continue to introduce innovative initiatives to provide Dubai, the UAE and the world with a suite of dispute resolution services that go beyond traditional public court services,” said Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Deputy Ruler of Dubai. The court will “enhance the ability of global companies and institutions operating in the digital economy to adapt to the future requirements of this fast-growing sector,” added Sheikh Maktoum, who is also the president of DIFC.

To learn more about the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the new Digital Economy Courts (DEC), visit https://www.difccourts.ae or read The National article at https://thenationalnews.com


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