Digital Solutions for Law Enforcement

Digital Solutions for Law Enforcement

Today, more than 800,000 law enforcement (LE) officers serve in the United States, across almost 18,000 city police departments, county sheriff’s offices, state police and highway patrol, and federal law enforcement agencies. Officers are responsible for:

  • Deterring criminal activity and preventing crimes,
  • Investigating suspected criminal activity,
  • Detaining suspected criminals pending judicial action,
  • Plus servicing and enforcing warrants, writs, and other orders of the courts.

LE agents must follow very specific procedures and efficiently document their actions and observations, and provide clear accountability, integrity, and transparency to the communities they serve. To support these tasks, ZorroSign delivers:

  • Secure digital signatures
  • Digital documents
  • Digital reporting
  • Patent-pending 4n6 (“forensics”) blockchain token to each step of documentation

With ZorroSign, LE organizations can ensure digital signature authentication and verification, plus gain an audit trail of approvals, attachments, reporting, signatories, and time stamps for their service functions.

ZorroSign’s unique blockchain architecture—built on Hyperledger Fabric, the most trusted private, permissioned blockchain technology—can bring secure, paperless operations to digitize and automate:

  • Administration
  • Crime reporting
  • Court commitments
  • Human resources (including new employee onboarding, timesheets, and training)
  • Workflows and approvals
  • And other organizational record keeping necessary to best serve their communities

Benefits to Law Enforcement Agencies using ZorroSign

  • Reduce time and costs of processing court commitments, jurisdictional and warrant transfers, supporting depositions, and more.
  • Simplify and expedite collection of Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics.
  • Save operating costs with lower paper, printer, and copier consumption.
  • Quickly upload administrative, court, and processing documents to ZorroSign’s digital platform for easy document workflow approvals, signatures, and storage.
  • Protect Chain of Custody by leveraging ZorroSign’s blockchain architecture for immutable, legally binding records (audit trails to prove chain of custody for documents and attachments, user authentication, digital signatures, and more).

How Law Enforcement Agencies use ZorroSign

  • Digitizing documents to protect chain of custody and admissibility of evidence to courts of law
  • Integrating legally binding digital signatures into existing document management systems (DMS)
  • Collecting and reporting Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics
  • Securing sensitive data, including personnel records, budget information, contracts, etc.
  • Onboarding new LE employees and staff
  • Systematic archiving of agreements, contracts, and digital records

Go paperless today with ZorroSign and support our men and women in blue!


ZorroSign solutions streamline administrative workflows and reduce operating costs, plus our commitment to law enforcement means ten percent of ZorroSign sales to law enforcement will be donated to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF).