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Digital Signature Solutions for Home Inspectors

Home inspection orders and subsequent reports must be signed by buyer(s) and home inspectors alike, and then sent to the appropriate parties. Often, homebuyers will have a narrow window of time to have a home inspection completed, so quick, accurate workflows are very important.

To close real estate deals accurately and expeditiously, home inspections and final reports need to seamlessly flow between the parties while staying secure and immutable. Digital signatures for home inspectors enables this process to go smoothly, as ZorroSign’s digital signature solution handles end-to-end real estate transactions, including home inspections.

Benefits to Home Inspectors using ZorroSign

  • Fill out and process forms and documents quickly and securely
  • Reduce turnaround time for processing and completing home inspection reports
  • Efficiently serve the needs of your fully mobile and fast-paced customers
  • Make internal and external processes seamless and efficient
  • Avoid full and partial paper-based processes
  • Reduce cost of processing reports, forms, and other documents

How Home Inspectors use ZorroSign

  • Client sign-off to conduct inspection
  • Client sign-off for additional ancillary inspections (mold, deck, drywall, EIFS, sampling, water testing, radon, etc)
  • Initialing sections that inspector showed client
  • Final signature on site

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