ZorroSign eSignature solutions for Healthcare


Healthcare services providers are concerned with reducing cost, saving time, accuracy, and compliance. Health insurance providers want to curb insurance frauds. Patients want to keep tabs on their health care, track their medical records and prescription orders, save time and be efficient in managing their health.


ZorroSign is the cure, with our eSignature and digital transaction management platform. Use ZorroSign to automate all your workflows, capture receipt acknowledgement and approvals using electronic signature and detect when important documents are tampered with and signature forged.


ZorroSign is compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Whether it’s a diagnostic center’s mail order prescription fulfilment center, insurance carrier, clinic, hospital or patient; they’re all a part of one or more workflows where approvals, receipt acknowledgement, and signatures are required.


Paper, fax, printers and scanners have no place in today’s healthcare world. The United States Government is going fully digital and companies are following suit.


ZorroSign’s patented real electronic signature, enterprise-grade workflow automation, intelligent forms, and document tampering and signature forgery detection technology is ideal for healthcare service providers.


ZorroSign works with your existing documents and seamlessly integrates into your existing technology infrastructure.


  • Automate approval processes and workflows, saving time and eliminate errors.
  • Fill out and process forms and documents quickly and securely.
  • Make internal and external processes seamless and efficient.
  • Simplify process and drive customer satisfaction.
  • Competitive differentiator.
  • Avoid inefficient full and partial paper-based processes.
  • Track chain of custody of documents.

How Healthcare use ZorroSign

  • End-to-end healthcare IT processes
  • Claims management, payments and prior authorization
  • Process invoices
  • Handle front desk sign-in
  • General policy management and compliance
  • Comply with your Document Retention Policy
  • Power of Attorney and Proxy Agreements
  • Capture consent
  • Human Resources processes
  • Prescription approval routing from provider to pharmacy to insurance company