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Phoenix, AZ

Director of Sales and Enablement

First, who are we?

ZorroSign is modernizing the way the world views document security. We’re made up of a team from all over the world committed to the same idea: nobody should be using 20-year-old technology to sign and send mission-critical documents. We deliver our brand promise by fostering a culture of individuals who are not afraid to push against the status quo.

Here is why working with ZorroSign is rewarding.

We are the new kids on the block – and it’s a pretty cool perspective. ZorroSign is continuously looking for exceptional new talent to work with us as we trailblaze blockchain-based document security. However, our mission does not stop there. Working with ZorroSign, you will have the opportunity to innovate and grow; all with a greater purpose in mind. As we help companies go paperless, we give back to the Earth by planting trees along the way.

Close deals, open opportunities.

The Director of Sales and Enablement is responsible for building a strategy to tackle ambitious sales goals while leading the sales team to success. We are looking for someone who operates enthusiastically in uncharted territory, using a combination of creativity and experience to make sales process’ that foster growth. The DSE will inherit a growing team of talented individuals who are making great strides in research and performance. We want to see this leader create an environment where learning and growing are a part of the day-to-day routine of the sales team.

Responsibilities and Requirements

We think that the “responsibilities and requirements” list for most leadership positions is unnecessarily complex. The truth is, we are a startup company; we are agile, nimble, and results-oriented. We invite you to lead by example and hope for you to pave the way for future thought leaders within our organization. That being said, here are just a few things that are important to us.


  • Oversee the development, structuring, and mapping of our growing sales and business development organization
  • Engineer and optimize our sales and support system
  • Recruit, train, motivate and lead our sales and business development teams
  • Oversee lead generation plans to generate and capitalize on a healthy pipeline
  • Foster an exceptional team environment
  • Push boundaries that allow for growth
  • Produce a vision to guide a growing sales team


  • 5-10 years of professional SaaS sales experience in a B2B environment
  • Experience in managing and selling in various business sectors (Finance and accounting, legal, medical and healthcare, and government sectors)
  • Ability to lead discussions and teams with C level contacts
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher (Didn’t go to college? If you’ve got the chops and track record to back it up, let’s chat.)
  • Proven record – managed substantial pipelines and generated multi-million-dollar revenue achievements
  • Experience in current sales enablement technology (ZoHo CRM, HubSpot, Auto Dialer software, etc.)
  • The ability to lead a diverse group of independent thinkers who will be working in-office and remotely across various regions
  • An open mind and experimental attitude
  • A team player mindset that enables you to reach across various disciplines and departments while working with transparency and no fear to push back

To apply, please email your resume and the position of interest to [email protected]