ZorroSign For Procurement Departments
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ZorroSign eSignature Solutions for Procurement Departments


Procurement departments are concerned with reducing cost, saving time and eliminating human error. This can be accomplished by simplifying supplier management and contracts, while reducing supply chain risk. With ZorroSign Electronic Signature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM), your procurement department can have all that and execute documents online and within minutes. ZorroSign’s industry-compliant, highly secure, private Cloud and On-premise eSignature solution allows procurement  departments, large and small to offer secure and fully automated document handling using eSignature to their vendors. ZorroSign works with your existing documents and seamlessly integrates into your existing technology infrastructure.

How Procurement Departments use ZorroSign

  • Statements of work
  • Invoice processing
  • Supplier compliance agreements
  • Purchase agreements/PO (assets, products, and services)
  • General policy management and compliance
  • Comply with your document retention policy
  • Master service agreements
  • RFP management (NDAs, contracts, tollgates, etc.)

ZorroSign Features for Procurement Departments

  • Create and execute templates.
  • Create Approval Workflows.
  • Quickly eSign documents.
  • Upload multiple documents and attachments at once.
  • Manage all documents from a single dashboard.
  • Reject and Cancel agreements.
  • Sign on mobile devices and use mobile biometrics to sign.
  • Tamper seal documents against fraud and forgery.
  • SalesForce app integration with custom fields support.
  • Smart Reminders