21st Century IDEA

How ZorroSign Supports the 21st Century IDEA for Government Agencies

In December 2018, the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (“21st Century IDEA”) was passed into U.S. law. The goal of the legislation was to enhance the digital services within the federal government and accelerate the federal government’s ability to improve digital service delivery and customer experience.


The passage of this bill was a tremendous milestone—particularly for the electronic signature and digital transaction management industry—as the new law addresses website modernization, digitization of government services and forms, and plans to increase the use of electronic signatures within federal agencies.


While the language of the 21st Century IDEA sets many new requirements for executive agencies that create websites or digital services, two specific requirements are that any agency (a) “provides users of the new or redesigned website, web-based form, web-based application, or digital service with the option for a more customized digital experience that allows users to complete digital transactions in an efficient and accurate manner;” and (b), “is fully functional and usable on common mobile devices.”


ZorroSign is pleased to support these specific requirements for all government agencies via our digital transaction management platform’s digital signature capabilities, our workflow automation, and environmental benefits of paperless life.


Digital Signatures to Speed Service Delivery and Improve Customer Experiences

ZorroSign’s highly secure and fully compliant enterprise-grade solution allows for federal government agencies to serve their constituents with the latest technology in digital transaction management. ZorroSign works with existing documents and forms, and seamlessly works with existing technology infrastructure.


As agencies implement the 21st Century IDEA, ZorroSign’s digital signatures can help:

  • Process forms and documents quickly and securely
  • Identify and eliminate errors during processing
  • Make internal and external processes seamless and efficient
  • Avoid full or partial paper-based processes
  • Reduce cost of processing applications, forms, and documents
  • Track chain of custody of documents


ZorroSign allows government agencies to meet ESIGN ACT and UETA requirements for securely signing digital documents with full legal-enforceability, plus providing secure storage and immutability for digital documents, and full audit trails of the entire review, approval, and execution processes.


Workflow Automation for Saving Time and Costs

With the 21st Century IDEA, there is even greater emphasis on enhancing business process optimization and using workflow automation. The digitization creates opportunity to revisit how government agencies run their operations, how they handle approvals, how they manage storage and tracking of information, how they handle inquiries, how they provide service to the constituents in the front office, and how they handle everything else in the back office. Electronic signatures are one part of the complete DTM systems which will be core enabling technologies.


Such agencies implementing DTM will gain the added benefits of going digital: Saving time, costs and efficiency. Visit ZorroSign’s blog article of complete business impact of going digital for more details.


Paperless Operations for Environmental Benefits

Imagine what the approximately 800,000 federal employees do every day. Add millions of State and local government employees to this list and then add all the millions of private companies that interact and do business with all the government agencies and programs.


Now imagine how much paper is used every day, printers, ink, and storing of those files and documents!


On average about three gallons of water is required to produce one page of copy paper, 1.5 gallons if recycled water is used. The magnitude of positive impact on the environment is tremendous.


Visit ZorroSign’s Environmental Savings Calculator (a part of our Paperless Life initiative) to estimate the environmental impact of using ZorroSign to meet 21st Century IDEA requirements.


Modern Government Solutions

ZorroSign supports the 21st Century IDEA’s larger goals to:

  • Modernize the digital government experience
  • Enhance federal agency websites, making them mobile friendly, and establishing minimum standards
  • Transition from paper-based forms to electronic transactions
  • Decrease federal costs, saving taxpayers money
  • Increase efficiency and productivity of federal employees
  • Promote the use of electronic signature standards established via the ESIGN ACT and UETA
  • Promote the use of electronic signatures and reinforce their validity
  • Decrease use of paper, and potentially decrease human error by digitizing processes

Our DTM solution streamlines end-to-end digital transactions with bank-grade protection and security certificates that never expire—allowing government agencies and constituents to eSign documents, request signatures on documents and forms, build workflows, automate approval processes, and more leveraging machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).


ZorroSign’s patent-pending 4n6 (“forensics”) technology offers post-execution fraud detection, verification, and authentication of legally-binding electronic signatures, digital signatures, and documents using proprietary blockchain tokenization.


We look forward to using our industry and subject-matter experts to help executive agencies to adopt 21st Century IDEA standards and accelerate the use of electronic signatures within their agencies. For consultative discussion, federal agencies can email [email protected] for assistance.