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Case Study Highlight: Validated Claim Support

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    Michael Jones

Validated Claim Support, LLC is an emerging leader in cosmetic and skin care clinical research. They came to ZorroSign needing a workflow management, digital signature, and document management solution for three business drivers:

  • To collect clinical study informed consent documentation and study protocol information
  • To collect secure, legally binding and authenticated signatures from inter party legal agreements between Validated Claim Support, sponsor clients and vendors
  • To complete general office documentation like employment agreements and organization policy acknowledgment

Another concern for Validated Claim Support was ensuring security and privacy when managing clinical study information. The organization must make certain that its processes are efficient without compromising data or privacy, are always compliant with FDA guidelines, and minimizing (or eliminating) potential errors.

“As a clinical research organization, ZorroSign provides us with an extremely traceable and secure method for capturing signature authorizations from our test subjects.”

Brian Ecclefield
Founder, Validated Claim Support

Validated Claim Support chose ZorroSign as its digital signature vendor because ZorroSign exceeded their privacy and security requirements, and because ZorroSign’s comprehensive workflow automation was the perfect complement to the clinical researchers’ technology initiatives.

ZorroSign’s solution further provides VCS with a systematic archiving of documents with the platform’s built-in document management system. As an FDA registered and inspected laboratory, Validated Claim Support needs efficiency, security and accuracy when adopting any new technology, and ZorroSign’s digital signature solution uniquely fulfilled those requirements.

Validated Claim Support experienced a cost savings of roughly $10,000 per year from reduced personnel expenses by increasing productivity. The company also saved money by not needing test subjects to revisit their lab for signatures on documentation, changes and corrections.

“ZorroSign provides a significant cost savings due to time related efficiencies. With our staff less focused on menial signature chasing, we can prioritize internal workflows and customer service. This helps us to save time and also provides additional added value behind the scenes.”

Brian Ecclefield
Founder, Validated Claim Support

Learn more about how Validated Claim Support uses ZorroSign, read their case study or sign up for your own 14-day free trial subscription today!