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ZorroSign fifth anniversary, where we’re headed.

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    Shamsh Hadi

June 12, 2020 marks ZorroSign’s fifth anniversary. Today, we celebrate our history and our future – as well as our competitive strategy, by continuing to innovate extremely fast and ahead of our competition. We provide a complete end-to-end solution which includes many features and functionality that are missing from our competitors’ solutions. ZorroSign continues to provide a superior product, a highly secure solution, and better service. Core to ZorroSign’s vision, we continue to invest heavily in innovation.


Five years ago, ZorroSign was founded to tackle shortcomings in the eSignature industry, namely:

  • Competitors were using an image of a signature super-imposed on a document instead of using the real electronic signature (digital bits).
  • Competitors used third-party digital security certificates that expire every two years instead of documents that don’t expire.
  • Simple signature capture process instead of using an advanced Digital Transaction Management system with workflows, templates, and business process automation.
  • PDF documents that can be tampered with and electronic signatures that can be forged instead of ensuring the sanctity of electronically signed documents with high level of security.


Today, ZorroSign continues to improve the world-class Digital Business Platform customers have depended on for the last five years, providing organizations the necessary tools to transform their businesses into efficient digital powerhouses. ZorroSign, the pioneer of electronic signature technology and the developer of ZorroSign DTM, a unified platform, a complete Electronic Signature, Digital Signature and Digital Transaction Management solution.  ZorroSign’s unique patent pending Document 4n6 (forensics) technology offers post-execution fraud detection and verification and authentication of electronic and digital signatures and documents using blockchain tokenization.


ZorroSign’s long-term vision is to be the most advanced Digital Signature and Digital Transaction Management solution in the market, always putting security and privacy first. ZorroSign will continue to offer services and products that are real, mission critical, and legally acceptable in any court of law. Even after five years, one of ZorroSign’s key differentiating components, which is also the highlight of our solution, is the ZorroSign 4n6 (forensics) token technology, which ensures sanctity of electronically signed documents against fraud and tampering and signature forgery.


ZorroSign is a socially responsible company where employees and customers can make a positive impact in the world; by encouraging companies to go paperless.


As ZorroSign celebrates five years of commitment to the Electronic and Digital Signature industry, we reflect on how DTM enables us to deliver greater environmental impact by means of reducing carbon footprint, water consumption, deforestation, while delivering significant savings of time and cost of doing business. That is truly inspiring to the ZorroSign team.


The future of ZorroSign is promising and filled with innovation and growth. In the very near future customers will see, through advances in development, a new set of capabilities and functionality in the areas of Advanced Digital Transaction Management, Workflows Automation, Business Process Optimization, and advanced security and privacy. ZorroSign will continue to innovate and incorporate state of the art technology in the areas of mobile biometrics, privacy and security, use of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into our solution.


Now and into the future, ZorroSign will continue strategic, calculated and intentional rapid growth. As a solutions provider we will work tirelessly to earn and keep users trust by proving to them that their data is safe when using ZorroSign.


To our customers, investors, employees, business community and families, thank you for supporting us over the last five years! The ZorroSign journey has been fantastic till date and we look forward to an even more successful future.