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ZorroSign Q1 2020 New Features

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    Shamsh Hadi

The ZorroSign Development Team is always hard at work developing the latest privacy, security and product enhancements that compliment ZorroSign services. New features help make everyday document signing more secure, convenient, safer, and efficient.


Below are new features that have recently been released:


Improved Workflow Builder

With feedback from our Customer Advisory Board, ZorroSign’s new workflow builder was redesigned to allow users to navigate their documents page by page instead of user by user.



Customizable Email

Customize ZorroSign automated emails and include a personalized message.
Who opens or enjoys reading generic emails? Now send personalized emails to ensure your additional comments are read immediately and get those documents approved quickly.



Password Protected Files

Have you read about all those solutions out there with security flaws? We take security seriously. Now add an additonal layer of security by adding password protection to your files sent using ZorroSign.

ZorroSign Digital Certificate

E-Signatures only capture the ‘intent to sign’ and is not equivalent to your wet signature. E-Signatures are not always upheld in court because we can’t prove the person actually signed the document. That’s why ZorroSign uses Digital Signatures with PKI which confirms the person and actually captures their ‘digital signature’. To further enhance the validity and provide a certified confirmation of each transaction, download the ZorroSign Digital Certificate.






Additional Features

  • Biometric Authentication for Login
    We’ve been regularly upgrading our security features to incorporate advanced mobile biometrics. This ensures we continue to deliver the latest, most secure security protocols available while confirming it is you who is digitally signing those documents. Use biometrics to log in to ZorroSign and sign documents. ZorroSign was the first to allow Users to upgrade to the next generation of passwordless authentication, allowing ultimate user privacy and data in document security.
  • vCard
    Want to help save trees like ZorroSign does? Introducing the Digital Business Card. By using a digital business card, we are able to maintain our commitment to save trees, water and decrease our carbon footprint.
  • Send Back
    We all want to save time! Now Users can Send Back a document that requires edits or updates prior to the completion of the document workflow.
  • Tool Resize
    Don’t we all love those forms with tiny boxes which you can’t type in? User can now resize document tool to fit the tiniest boxes.
  • ZorroFill
    Make your smart forms smarter! Users can now auto fill eForms using Artificial Intelligence. ZorroFill is currently in beta testing.
  • OTP
    We can’t get enough of security. Using Two-Factor Authentication, secure and safeguard your log in and documents with One Time Passwords (OTP). Users can activate OTP for log in and Approval Process.
  • KBA
    Need to double check if the User behind an email address is really the person they claim to be or want additional verification when sending a document to sign? Now use ZorroSign’s premium, pay per use, Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) service for U.S. based subscribers. Contact your Sales Rep for more details or email [email protected]. This feature allows users to utilize our KBA integration to electronically sign documents, ensuring your intended party is the one actually signing a document.
  • E-Sign on the go
    Check out our regularly updated apps to quickly and securely digitally sign documents using the ZorroSign iOS and Android Mobile apps.

Visit our website to try these features and implement them in your daily work. Questions? Send an email to [email protected].