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Why ZorroSign is the best option for eSignature and DTM

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    Michael Jones

When it comes to eSignature and Digital Transaction Management solutions consumers have a few choices. It’s a challenge to identify the best solution that meet your business needs. In addition to your unique business requirements like workflows and approvals,  you are also concerned about legality of eSignatures and documents signed with them, security of electronically signed documents against tampering and fraud, what is and how to implement a Digital Transaction Management (DTM) System, and how to manage change within your organization in order to successfully implement a new system like ZorroSign.

ZorroSign has those businesses looking to understand these factors and what sets ZorroSign apart from other eSignature and DTM providers covered. Read on to learn why ZorroSign is the only REAL electronic signature solution provider, how we use advance workflow automation to automate your signature signing ceremonies, and how using Blockchain technology helps detects electronic signature fraud and tampering of digital documents. Furthermore our bank-grade security secures and protects your user information, your signature and your documents.

ZorroSign was co-founded by one of the inventors of the original real electronic signature technology including signature pads and stylus type pens. This same technology was used by President Bill Clinton to sign the eSign Act into law in the United States in June 2000. Meaning documents signed with this proprietary technology use REAL electronic signature and not just an image of a signature superimposed on a document. ZorroSign eSignatures capture the real “digital bits” of a person’s signature as it is written, including the speed, color, thickness, and pressure of the pen and includes additional metadata. ZorroSign also offers use of computer-generated signatures. The underlying technology used makes them legally binding and addresses the question of signatory attribution. ZorroSign is authorized to issue its security certificate that never expires unliked those used by our competitors. Although ZorroSign also works with all third party digital security certificates to satisfy our customer’s needs, ZorroSign DOES NOT use or require them to authenticate or validate eSigned documents. Through our own proprietary 4n6 (Forensic) Token technology, ZorroSign customers are able to authenticate and validate both digital and paper versions of eSigned documents and in perpetuity.

Finally, ZorroSign is a unified platform and is a complete advanced Digital Transaction Management (DTM) System with bank-grade security for eSignatures and documents that can be used anywhere, anytime, and on any device. The platform includes other components such as full workflow automation, Document Management System, and intelligent forms.

With ZorroSign DTM users have the ability to create different types of templates and workflows, track progress, and handle exceptions such as reject, recall, cancel, and it can also handle sub-workflows. ZorroSign provides full Sarbanes-Oxley compliant audit trail and chain of custody and a report on each document signed. By using proprietary permissions-based private Blockchain architecture, ZorroSign is leading the field in using Blockchain and distributed ledger, chain of custody, and audit trail with regard to digitizing contracts and documents.

At ZorroSign we understand that adopting new processes and software can be a huge undertaking. This is why ZorroSign offers full end-to-end professional services to help manage and onboard all ZorroSign users at your company and we also train designated ZorroSign software administrators who support ZorroSign at your company.

We invite you to sign up for a free Individual account today and send up to 3 documents every month for free for life with no credit card needed. ZorroSign also has other subscription plans to fit your business needs. To learn more about ZorroSign and how it can fit your business needs, schedule a custom demo now.