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eSignature and DTM are Key To Digital Transformation

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    Shamsh Hadi

Did you know that simply using electronic signature for your business is insufficient when it comes to security of your signature and documents, and also for automating your business processes? If at any point you are scanning, printing, or mailing business documents, you have an incredible opportunity to automate all of that, eliminate paper, save tons of time and money, and close deals within hours instead of days. Companies that are looking to optimize their businesses, automate mundane tasks and become efficient, eSignature and DTM are key to digital transformation.

We are just getting started with digital transformation. Over 65% of businesses are still conducting various document based transactions using paper and pen.  People are still printing, signing, scanning, copying, FedEx-ing, and storing piles of signed documents and contracts in manila folders. Every dental office has a wall of shelf with mountains of manila folders with colored tags sticking out. And the list goes on.

DTM is a category of technology solution available either in the Cloud, via integration, or on-premise that is designed to digitally manage document-based transactions. DTM aims to automate and streamline cumbersome and time-consuming inefficient process of business transactions that involve people, documents, and data. It promises to create faster, easier, more convenient, and secure paper-less processes.

According to Aragon Research, a leading B2B technology research firm, the race to digital starts with making document-based transactions fully digital. Digital Transaction Management (DTM) is often the catalyst for the start of digital transformation, helping enterprises to operate faster.  The research report published by Aragon Research offers great insight for SMB and large organizations and what to look for when evaluating eSignature and advanced DTMsolutions available in the market. The report covers following key insights.

  1. Automating Paper Transactions
  2. Basic DTM Gives Way to More Advanced Capabilities
  3. Use of Electronic and Biometric signatures
  4. Workflow and Content Automation
  5. Mobility

ZorroSign is recognized by Aragon Research as hot vendor in Digital Transaction Management. ZorroSign is considered an advanced DTM solution because of its innovative product, unique technology, bank-grade security, lead in mobile biometrics, and robust enterprise-grade automation engine.

Download full research paper here for free.